Resources for Lent & Easter

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ABINGDON WORSHIP PHOTOS VOLUME 3-LENT AND EASTER:  Projection Backgrounds for Lent and Easter

ASHES TO GLORY takes viewers on a devotional journey from the remembrance of Ash Wednesday to the celebration of Resurrection Sunday.  Each day contains a brief devotion that reflects on a treasured song, poem, tradition, Scripture, character of the passion story, or work of art that enhances the meaning of the season.

THE BOOK OF GOD: AN EVENING WITH WALTER WANGERIN, JR: Stories told by a master storyteller includes #4. Jesus' Crucifixion. 15 minutes. VHS

THE BRIDGE: Parable of a man who must choose between saving a train filled with passengers or his son who is walking across the railroad bridge. Youth/Adults. 10 minutes. VHS

THE CHRISTIAN YEAR: Includes segments on Lent and Holy Week, and Easter. Each segment is 10 min. Elementary - Adults. VHS

DATELINE JERUSALEM: The trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus are presented as TV news would cover the events today. Eight 15-minuted programs. Youth/Adults. VHS

DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF JESUS:  Marcus Borg shares his understanding of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  In a straightforward and gracious way, he directs the viewer away from doctrines and towards a relationship through Jesus with God.  Six 20-minute sessions.  1. What Happened on Good Friday?  2. What Happened At Easter?  2. Jesus is Lord,  4. Jesus is the Way, 5. Jesus as Sacrifice, 6. Jesus, God's son revealed.  Young Adults-Adults. VHS

DISCOVERING JESUS VOLUME I:  Includes episodes on The Central Character of the Centuries, A New Search for Jesus, Ministry of Jesus, and The Disicples.  VHS

DICOVERING JESUS VOLUME II:  Includes episodes on  Teachings of Jesus, Healings of Jesus,  Miracles, Jesus' Lifestyle.  VHS

DISCOVERING JESUS VOLUME III:  Includes episodes on Claims of Jesus, Jesus' Death, Resurrection, Jesus Today.  VHS

THE EASTER EXPERIENCE: This study brings the passion and ressurection of Jesus to life through dramatic storytelling and challenging teaching done in a highly cinematic style.  Through these in-depth teachings, your group will grow together spiritually, bonding with each other as well as with the eternal message of Easter.  The 6 sessions include:  My Life Has Purpose, My Life Can Change, My Pain Is Understood, My Life Has a Plan, I Have the Promise of Eternal Life, My Hope Is Secure.  120 Minutes  Older Youth/Adult  DVD

EASTER IS: Benji's dog Waldo is "dog-napped". The story of lossand rediscovery parallels the events of Passion Week. Elem. 25 min. VHS

EASTER PROMISE: A boy dreams of being a soldier for a king. He is thrilled when he hears of the upcoming arrival of a king named Jesus, but soon rejects Jesus. In a lesson about truth, appearances, and forgiveness, he ultimately trusts in Jesus and witnesses to the promise of the resurrection. A second story on the DVD is called "The Witness." 45 minutes. Ages 5-10. DVD.

EASTER TODAY, EASTER FOREVER: Nanny & Isaiah help children understand God's gift of eternal life. 33 minutes. VHS.

FALL OF FREDDIE THE LEAF: Helps all ages appreciate the changes of nature and the season of death. 17 minutes. VHS

FAITH LESSONS ON THE DEATH AND RESURRECTION OF JESUS:  Ray Vander Laan, on location in the Holy Land, weaves together the Bible's historical, cultural, religious and geographical contexts.  Eight twenty minute segments.  Older Youth/Adult  DVD

FAITH LESSONS-WALK AS JESUS WALKED:  The 7th volume takes you to Asia Minor(present day Turkey), where disciples like Paul and Timothy traveled, spreading news Jesus and bringing new disciples to follow him. 1.Run! The Passion of Elijah, 2.Learning to Walk Like Jesus: Paul's Journey to Rome, 3.An Unlikely Disciple, 4.Why Christians Suffer:The Weight of Gethsemane, 5. Don't Forget About Us.  DVD

FIRST LIGHT-JESUS AND THE KINGDOM OF GOD:  Why did Jesus happen when he happened? Why the confluence of the Baptism movement of John and the Kingdom movement of Jesus? Why the tiny villages around the Lake? Why the confrontations in  Jerusalem? Why then? Why there?  
Why were the titles of Caesar Augustus -- Divine, Son of God, God from God, Lord, Redeemer, Liberator, and Savior of the World -- taken from a Roman emperor on the Palatine hill and given to a Jewish peasant on the Palestine plain? Was it low lampoon or high treason? Either way, the Romans were not laughing.
What were the priorities of Jesus' proclamation of the Kingdom? How was the status quo of Roman imperial theology subverted by this obscure Galilean whose message continues to indict empire today?
First Light is a 12-session DVD and web-based study from Living the Questions of the historical Jesus and the Kingdom of God with two of the world's leading Jesus scholars, John Dominic Crossan & Marcus Borg, on location throughout the Galilee and Jerusalem.

THE FORGIVENESS OF JESUS:  Six in-depth studies connecting the Bible to life:  The Forgiving Father, Two Aspects of Healing, Spiritual Sight, Hope for Sinners, A Second Chance, Released to Forgive.  DVD with leader and participant guide  170 minutes  Adult

FOUR ACTS OF PRAYER:  Walter Wangerin, Jr. uses stories to explore four vital elements of prayer: 1. We Speak, 2. God Listens, 3. God Speaks, 4. We Listen.  The ten segments may be adapted into four, five, or more sessions:  Each segment is about 13 minutes.  VHS

THE FOURTH WISE MAN: The fictional story of a Magi named Artaban who spends 33 years searching for the Messiah. At the end of his life, he finally encounters Jesus at Easter. 72 min. Youth/Adults. VHS

FISH-EYES: The comedy team of Ted & Lee portray the disciples, Peter & Andrew, struggling to follow Jesus. Seven 30-minute tapes. Includes: The Last Supper, The Arrest & Denial, From Fear to Faith, & The Emmaus Roadtrip. Youth/Adults. VHS

GOD'S STORY: Two 15-min. tapes: "Jesus In Danger" - Events of Holy Week, "Easter Story". Elem. VHS

GODSPELL:  Musical based on the Gospel of Matthew. Youth/Adults. 103 minutes. VHS

GREATER LOVE: A parable of sacrifice, love and charity about a little girl who willingly donates her blood for her injured brother even though she believes that giving up her blood will cause her to die. 13 minutes. Mid-elem/Youth/Adults. VHS

HE IS RISEN: The story of Jesus's resurrection for elementary children. Animated. 30 min. DVD, VHS

HEROD'S TEMPLE:  The Temple Jesus Knew-A fascinating examination of an ancient wonder.  Travel back in time to see it the way Jesus and his disciples did over 2000 years ago.  DVD 30 minutes.  Adult

IGNITING WORSHIP-40 40 DAYS WITH JESUS:  Services and Video Clips on DVD designed to assist pastors and worship leaders in building effective worship experiences.

JESUS CHRIST:  James Flemings's five-part series. 1. The Movement of Jesus Around Palestine,  2. People Who Knew Jesus, 3. Great Signs and Wonders, 4. Palm Sunday and Crucifixion,  5. Last Supper and Resurrection. 30 minutes each, Adults.  VHS

THE JESUS CREED:  Seven lessons on loving God and loving others.  1. What is the Jesus Creed?  2. Do you need a new beginning?  3. What has God called you to become?  4. How is God calling you to compassion?  5. What kind of society should Christians make?  6. Yes, disciples fail.  7. Living the Jesus Creed.  DVD 47 minutes Adult/Youth

THE JESUS I NEVER KNEW:  Philip Yancey offers a 14 session curriculum based on his best selling book, "The Jesus I Never Knew".  It includes a 14 segment video of movie clips from films that the portray the life of Jesus. Adults.  VHS

JESUS OF NAZARETH: - PART IV - EASTER: The narrated drama includes four segments on Jerusalem, The Last Supper, The Crucifixion, and Resurrection and Ascension. VHS. Three videotape series with study guide. The life of Jesus from Nativity to Resurrection. The drama was directed by Franco Zeffirelli, and includes an international cast. Youth/Adults. Total running time of 371 minutes. VHS

THE JESUS ROAST: A parable by Rolf Forsberg. Based on the biblical account of the Last Supper. Each disciple takes a turn to get things off his chest. Youth/Adults. 40 minutes. VHS

JESUS' RESURRECTION:  THEN AND NOW:  N.T. Wright looks at how Jesus's resurrection was understood in the first century by Paul and the Gospel writers and what meaning it has for today.  Six 25-minute sessions.  Adults.  VHS.

JESUS-THE NEW WAY:  Dr. Tom Wright, Bible scholar and Dean of Litchfield Cathedral in England, provides a journey into the life, words and world of Jesus.  Using scripture, art & drama, Dr. Wright delves into the hopes of the Jewish people, and how Jesus saw himself.  Six-30 minute programs.  Adults.  VHS

JESUS: WHO DO MEN SAY THAT I AM? Investigates what everyday people and Bible scholars say about Jesus. 48 minutes. Adults. VHS

THE LAST DAYS OF JESUS:  Six in-depth studies connecting Bible to Life:  From Warrior to Servant, A Glimpse of Glory, The Rejected King, Love to the Full, The Ultimate Victory, The Death of Death.  DVD with leader and participant guide  170 minutes  Adult

THE LAST LEAF:  A frustrated artist watches helplessly as his young neighbor nears death. The child believes she will die when the last leaf falls from the trees. In order to help her, the artist braves a storm to paint his masterpiece for her - a leaf on the wall - and in the process he sacrifices his own life. His selfless act saves the life of the girl. Older elem., youth, adults. 25 min. VHS

THE LAST SUPPER: Filmed and dramatized in the Holy Land and the Middle East. Emphasizes the Christian tradition and Jewish roots. Depicts Passover and the events from Palm Sunday through Holy Thursday. Two versions: 33 min. video and 60 min. video. Youth/Adults. DVD, VHS

LEGEND OF THE THREE TREES: Hal Holbrook narrates the classic folktale of three distinct trees, each with its own hopes and dreams. Each tree aspires to greatness, possibly becoming a treasure chest, a sailing ship, or the tallest tree in the forest. They are all disappointed when their dreams aren?t realize, until one by one they interact with Jesus: in his birth, ministry and ultimate sacrifice. Animated. 30 minutes. Ages 5 and up. VHS and DVD.

THE LIFE OF JESUS:   Six in-depth studies connecting the Bible to Life:  Birthday Surprises, John Prepares the Way, The Victorious Son of God, Fishing With the Master, Disease Conquered, Defeating the Enemy.  DVD with leader and participant guide  170 minutes  Adult

LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS: THE EASTER STORY: Doug Berky and his troupe of Movement Artists tell the story of the last week of Jesus' life on earth using masks and mime. 15min. Older children/Youth/Adults. VHS.

LIVING THE GOOD LIFE TOGETHER:  ATTENTIVENESS BEING PRESENT:  A twelve session, two-part study of Christian character in community.  Led by Susan Pendleton Jones and L. Gregory Jones, the "Come and See" section includes six DVD segments:  1. Come and See: Preview,  2. Listening to the Right Voices,  3. Keeping Time, 4. Self -Awareness, 5. Listening Alone, Listening Together, 6. Go and Do:  Review and Challenge.  The "Go and Do" sessions, 7-12, are defined by the group. Some of the suggestions include Lectio divina Scripture passages, ministry events, speakers, field trips, pilgrimages and books to read.  Adults.  55 minutes.  DVD

LIVING THE GOOD LIFE TOGETHER:  FORGIVENESS LETTING GO:  A twelve session, two-part study of Christian character in community.  Led by Susan Pendleton and L. Gregory Jones, the "Come and See" section includes six DVD segments.  1. Come and See:  Preview,  2. The Heart of Christian Living,  3. Crafting Communities of Forgiveness,  4. The Dance of Forgiveness,  5. Challenges to Forgiveness,  6. Go and Do:  Review and a Challenge.  The "Go and Do" sessions 7-12 may include planning a retreat, a mission project, books to share, movies to see or something else the group may decide to do.  Adults.  58 minutes. DVD

THE MAGIC BOY'S EASTER: A disabled boy is moved to faith by a dream experience in which he becomes a magician's helper in ancient Jerusalem. There he meets Jesus on the road to Golgotha. Mid-elementary to early teens. 24 minutes. VHS.

MATTHEW: Two volume set. Dramatic presentation of the Gospel of Matthew from the words of the New International Version of the Bible. The four hour presentation may be shown in segments by chapter or scene. Suitable for Older Elementary (some violence is depicted), Youth, Adults. DVD.

THE MIRACLES OF JESUS:  Six sessions each containing: 1. historical and cultural background, 2. an engaging, close look at the biblical text and its meaning, 3. accurate, encouraging, and challenging applications of the Bible's message of life today.  Sessions include:  1. The Clean Daughter, 2. The Heartbeat of God, 3. Knowing the King, 4. A Faith-full Outsider, 5. Fruitless Lives, 6. Grateful Outcasts. 170 minutes total. Adult. DVD

MODERN PARABLES-lIVING IN THE KINGDOM OF GOD:  Modern Parables is an original film-based Bible study curriculum on Jesus' parables.  The 12 lesson study combines cinema and theology in short dramatic films. Pastoral application videos, director's commentaries, a leader's guide and study book to create an entirely new learning experience.  The study can be used for Sunday school classes, small groups, and youth groups.  The parable films included are Hidden Treasure, Samaritan, The Shrewd manager, The Widow and Judge, The Sower, and Prodigal Sons.  Adult/Youth DVD

MR. PASCAL: A lonely cobbler sees a wooden crucified Christ on the wall of a church, and he is flooded with compassion for a fellow sufferer. Youth/Adults. 7 minutes. VHS.

MUSIC BOX: In a drab town, a Gospel singing band of angels bring new life to a depressed man when they give him the gift of a music box to be shared with others. Youth/Adults. 28 minutes. VHS.

MUDHOUSE SABBATH:  Seven Ways of Chrisian Formation Inspired by the Jewishness of Jesus. "It's not that Jesus was a Jew, Jesus is a Jew. Engaging Jewish practice and tradition is one important way of overcoming the gaps that we sometimes feel exist between Jesus and ourselves." Encounter the Jewish context that nurtured Jesus. Explore spiritual practices of hospitality, mindful eating, prayer and fasting, and mourning. Deepen your Christian faith by incorporatingthese things into your life. The seven lessons include Christianity and Judaism, Sabbath Keeping, Hospitality and Mindful Eating, Jewish and Christian Prayer, The Practice of Fasting, Mourning Well,and Doorposts.   65 minutes.  Older Youth/Adult  DVD

ONE WHO WAS THERE: A woman who followed Jesus and saw him arrested and crucified looks back on the events as she journeys from Jerusalem to Galilee in 64 A.D. Y/A. 37m. DVD, VHS.

PARABLE: The morality play by Rolf Forsberg evokes the Passion of Jesus in the story of a clown who assumes the burdens of others in a traveling circus. Youth/Adults 22 minutes. VHS.

THE PARABLES OF JESUS:  Six sessions each containing: 1. historical and cultural background, 2. an engaging, close look at the biblical text and its meaning, 3. accurate, encouraging, and challenging applications of the Bible's message of life today.  Sessions include: 1.  The Coming of the Kingdom, 2. The Gace of the Kingdom, 3. The God of the Kingdom, 4. The Demand of the Kingdom, 5. The Mission of the Kingdom, 6. The Fulfillment of the Kingdom.  170 minutes total. Adult. DVD

PARABLES OF JESUS:  Seven short dramas (six to 10 minutes each)  1. Good Samaritan, 2. Unmerciful Servant, 3. Treasure and the Pearl, 4. Lost Son.  5. Midnight Visitor, 6. The Dinner, 7. The Manager.  Youth/Adults. DVD


PEOPLE WHO MET JESUS: Series of short dramatic stories: Volume I: 1. Simon Peter, 2. Matthew, 3. The Centurion, 4. Woman at the Well, 5. The Nobleman, 6. Jairus, 7. The Rich Young Ruler, 8. Nicodemus.Volume II: 1. Zacchaues, 2. The Man Born Blind, 3. Annas the Priest, 4. Caiaphas, 5. Judas Iscariot, 6. Herod Antipas, 7. Pontius Pilate, 8. Joseph of Arimathea. Each volume is 50 min. and each story is about six minutes. Youth/Adults. VHS.

THE PERFECT STRANGER:  Nikki Cominsky is a successful attorney-troubled by the fact that her life isn't perfect.  One day, a mysterious invitation shows up on her desk that reads, "You are invited to dinner with Jesus of Nazareth."  Thinking it's a prank, she shows up-only to find herself in the middle of a whirlwind evening of debate and revelation-with the most unforgettable man she would ever meet.  This is an excellent resource to share with a seeker or someone who is new to the Christian Faith.  DVD

THE PICTURE PERFECT JESUS: The presentation looks at the story of the popular painting, "Head of Jesus" by Warner Sallman. It examines the devotion and criticism that has surrounded the painting. Five 9-minute segments. VHS.

THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS: From Northern Ireland to Ground Zero to the Amish countryside, The Power of Forgiveness explores this important work and reveals how forgiveness can transform your life.  This documentary can be viewed in chapters and discussed.  1. About Forgiveness, 2. Puppets of the Past, 3. Teaching Children Early, 4. The Amish, 5. Elie Wiesel, 6. Good for Health, 7. Garden of Forgiveness-NY, 8. Garden of Forgiveness-Beirut, 9. Tools of Forgiveness, 10. Thich Hhat Hanh, 11. Partners in Forgiveness.  DVD 78 minutes. Adult, Youth Also includes supporting articles and exercises of forgiveness.

THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS:  Presents 4 studies that open our minds and our hearts to a new understanding of forgiveness so we can embrace forgiveness as a key to a wholeness and free life.1. The Origin Of Forgiveness 2. What Is Forgiveness? 3. Why Do We Need To Forgive? 4. How Is Forgiveness Possible?  DVD 40 total minutes. Adult

THE PRAYERS OF JESUS:  Six sessions each containing: 1. historical and cultural background, 2. an engaging, close look at the biblical text and its meaning, 3. accurate, encouraging, and challenging applications of the Bible's message of life today.  Sessions include: 1.  Watch and Pray, 2. Our God Listens, 3. Joining in Jesus' Prayer, 4. Praying with Purpose, 6. A Friend in High Places. 170 minutes total. Adult. DVD

3:16-THE NUMBERS OF HOPE:  Timeless and powerful, these words proclaim a message of love, a source of hope, and a promise of life.  In this interactive study experience, based on his book of John 3:16, Max Lucado unpacks the incredible message of John 3:16, illuminating one of the most beloved scriptures in the entire Bible.  This study is for those who know these words, and for those hearing them for the first time.  We all need it's promise.  This is a 12 week study and includes a dvd with twelve-five minute segments, leader's guide and participant's guide.

PROPHECIES OF THE PASSION:  Here is an extraordinary look at the Messianic prophecies fulfilled during the final week if Christ's life on earth.  The presentation is stimulating and faith building.  DVD 60 minutes. Adult

THE PROUD TREE: Teaches children the meaning of the crucifixion and resurrection through the story of a tree that becomes the cross of Christ. 25 minutes.VHS.

THE RED BALLOON: A parable of new life. The story of a lonely French boy who discovers a red balloon that follows him everywhere. The child claims the balloon, loves it, defends it, and discovers new life when it is destroyed. Elem/Youth/Adults. 34 minutes. VHS.

THE RESURRECTED LIFE: Understanding the Meaning of Easter - Filled with artistic images of the Holy Land, stirring music, and the wisdom of spiritual leaders. The four-part video may be used for group discussion, or personal meditation. Four segments: 1. Crucifixion, 2. Resurrection, 3. Transformation, 4. Reconciliation. 60 minutes. Adults. VHS.

THE ROAD TO EMMAUS:  It is a story that captivated the imagination of many generations.  Mourning the death of Jesus, two first-century travelers were joined by a mysterious stranger.  Over the next few hours, the stranger revealed mysteries hidden in the ancient Scriptures.  Soon, the purpose of Jesus' life became clear…and the traveler's sadness turned to great joy.  Now you can learn what they learned.  Discover the key to life…on the Road to Emmaus.  DVD

THE SEARCH FOR JESUS: Peter Jennings visits the Holy Land, talks to people of faith, and interviews archaeologists in his report on the culture, life and influence of Jesus. Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan and N.T. Wright are among the theologians who share their insights. 90 minutes. May be divided into four segments. Adults. VHS.

THE SELFISH GIANT: An animated adaptation of an Oscar Wilde story, about a Giant who builds a wall to keep children out, but later befriends a child who changes his life. The children's classic has deeper meaning through themes of faith and love, sharing and selflessness, and promise of joyous redemption. 27 minutes. Children-Adults. VHS.

THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT TODAY: The ethics that Jesus taught are interpreted with contemporary scenes that challenge viewers to examine their values and faith. Youth/Adults. 20 min. VHS

THE STORY OF THE TWELVE APOSTLES: The story of the men who followed Jesus, became transformed by his death and resurrection and went on to carry his message throughout the world. 100 minutes. May be divided into shorter segments. Youth/Adults VHS and DVD

THE STORYKEEPERS: TAPE #4: Four 30 minute episodes on one video: Children facing the persecution of Christians in 64 A.D. learn of Jesus' death and resurrection. VHS.

TALES FROM THE MADHOUSE: Eight individuals, who have all had an encounter with Jesus, reflect on the missed opportunity to follow the light, only to be left with regret and darkness. Pilate's Wife, The Rich Man, The Best Friend, Mourner, Servant Girl, Barabbas, Centurion, The Thief. Each 14-min. Adults. VHS

THREE DAYS: Events from the first Good Friday through Easter morning. 29 min. Youth/Adults. VHS.

THE TOUCH OF THE MASTER'S HAND: 20 minutes. A battered, seemingly worthless, violin is rejected at an auction until the old violin maker repairs the strings and plays a haunting melody. Youth/Adults.VHS

THE TRUE EASTER STORY: Two programs with Ray Vander Laan as he teaches in the Holy Land.. 1. The True Easter Story - 20 minutes. 2. Lamb of God. - 20 minutes. Youth/Adults. VHS & DVD.

24 HOURS THAT CHANGED THE WORLD:  Adam Hamilton guides us step by step , through the last days of Jesus' life.  We travel the Holy Land with Hamilton to visit the sites where those events took place.  7 sessions. DVD

VICTORY AT JERUSALEM:  In this documentary, viewers travel back in time to visit, site by site, the climatic last days of Jesus Christ.  This resource provides an excellent summary and overview of the death and Resurrection of Jesus along with footage from the Holy Land.  4 segments: 14-21 minutes each.  DVD Youth/Adult

THE VISITOR: A contemporary adaptation of Tolstoy's short story, "Where Love Is". It tells the story of a cobbler who struggles with personal tragedy and prepares for a visit from Christ. Youth/Adults. 30 min. VHS

VISUAL BIBLE FOR KIDS: Part II: The Story Behind the Cross: A service project brings a group of teens face to face with the meaning of the cross. Elementary and up. 25 min. DVD.

THE WALL: Drama. In the early hours of Good Friday morning. two thieves, awaiting crucifixion, agonize in a lonely prison cell. As they grapple with their impending death, they argue over who the prisoner in the next cell is, and wonder if he has the power to save souls. Older Youth/Adults. 40 min. VHS.

WHEN GOD'S PEOPLE PRAY:  Prayer can change lives and circumstances like nothing else can.  Six sessions include 1. God's Heart for Us 2. The Amazing Power of Prayer 3. Obedience in Prayer 4. The Word of God and Prayer 5. Why Prayer Matters 6.  Creating a Prayer Ministry in Your Church.  Leadre's guide and participant's guide included.  DVD 90 total minutes.  Adult

WORTHY IS THE LAMB: The passion of Christ from the Last Supper to Judas? betrayal to the trial and crucifixion. Elementary, 30 minutes. DVD