Social Justice Network

The work of the Social Justice Network of the Wyoming Annual Conference includes educating local congregations about the work of the conference, and the General Board of Church and Society, and encouraging congregations to participate in social action.

One way of doing this is to remind churches about actions taken by their representatives at our annual session in June, and urging members to get involved in making the resolutions passed more than just words on a piece of paper.

On this page, you will find how the Network suggests you respond to a variety of issues.

November and December are "Non-Violence" Months

Last June our annual session passed a "Resolution on Non-Violence," with the hope and intention that our annual churches would read it and follow the suggested action. Here it is:

Whereas, non-violent direction may not be a panacea,

but the principles it embodies have the potential to

make a dramatic difference in human societies,

even in the midst of violence;

Therefore, be it resolved that Wyoming Annual Conference will,

through our Social Justice Network, disseminate to our congregations,

and through them to the wider world, information and resources about

non-violent conflict resolution, compassionate communication, and

ways of implementing strategies to limit or eliminate violence in

situation of human conflict. We encourage congregations to offer

study opportunities in this topic, to deepen understanding and

improve communications within families and church, as well as

in the wider community and world.

Be it further resolved that our local churches be encouraged to call

upon the Congress of the United States to adopt legislation to

establish a Peace Academy and a Federal Department of Peace in

order to advance these understandings and their implementation

at all levels of human society.

Please consider how your church might address this issue in the coming months. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Our Conference Resource Center is rich with educational material on this topic, and Diane Alexander would be very helpful in assisting your choices.
  2. The United Methodist Women have a new action entitled, "A U.S. Department of Peace," which you may find at their action network:
  3. You may read The UMC Book of Resolutions 2003 #272 (p.692) "Support for Development of U.S. Department of Peace."

Let us know if we can help you further. We'd love to hear about what you are doing too! Susan Davis, Chair, SJN, 607-748- 7434 or [email protected].