Safe Sanctuaries Resources

Safe Sanctuaries Resources

from the 156th Session of the

Wyoming Annual Conference

The documents which were presented, voted on and adopted at the 2007 Annual Conference provide the background policy and standard's for Wyoming Conference's Safe Sanctuaries program.

Safe Sanctuaries Team Report (This report explains the history of our Safe Sanctuaries program and gives background and context to our policies)

Safe Sanctuaries Team Resolution (This resolution was adopted at the 2007 Annual Conference, is the basis of the Wyoming Conference Safe Sanctuaries policy, and provides a timeline for local churches to follow)

Wyoming Conference Minimum Standards (The minimum standards provide an outline of the necessary elements of our Safe Sanctuaries program for clergy, conference, district and local church ministries.)

Other Safe Sanctuaries Resources

Safe Sanctuaries Team Resource List (pdf)

Suggested Abuse Prevention Policy (pdf)

Suggested Abuse Prevention Policy (Word)

General Board of Discipleship Safe Sanctuaries Page (link)

United Methodist Church Property and Casualty Trust Background Checks (link)

Bulletin Insert #1 (pdf)

Bulletin Insert #2 (pdf)

New York State Mandated Reporting Law (link to

Pennsylvania Mandated Reporting Law (link)

links to definitions for abuse and neglect on the website for NYS:   and PA:     Safe Sanctuaries Resources at the Conference Center   ASK BEFORE YOU HUG-This focuses on Sexual Harassment in the church. Helps youth and adults of local churches to recognize inappropriate behavior and how to respond to it. 31 minutes.  VHS   BLESS OUR CHILDREN-Focuses on preventing sexual abuse, and how one church sought to include sexual abuse prevention in their children's Christian Education.  40 minutes.  VHS   HEAR THEIR CRIES-Religious Responses to Child Abuse.  Part of this video is used in our Conference Safe Sanctuaries Training Sessions.  48 minutes.  VHS & DVD   NOT IN MY CHURCH-An education program for clergy & religious professionals on sexual misconduct.  45 minutes.  VHS   REDUCING THE RISK II- 1. Making your church safe from child sexual abuse, 2. Understanding the profile of Child Molesters, 3. Selecting and screening workers, 4. Principles of supervision, 5. Responding to allegations of abuse, 6. Implementing a prevention program in your church.  DVD   SAFE SANCTUARIES FOR CHILDREN & YOUTH-Joy Thornburg Melton helps clergy and laity assess risk and implement processes to reduce the likelihood of abuse in their congregations. Three segments: 1. Why?  2. How?  3. Reporting and Responding, .  90 minutes.  DVD   Contact Diane Alexander at [email protected] or call 607-757-0608 or 1-800-799-9664 for more information