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What is the Resource Center?

The Resource Center offers an extensive collection of DVDs, Videotapes, CD-Roms, books and curriculum samples to assist all the churches of the Wyoming Conference in doing ministry.  Titles are available for borrowing on a wide range of topics, including Bible Study, Christian Education, Church History, Faith/Belief, Family, Mission/Ministry, Social Justice, Spiritual Growth, Women, Wyoming Conference, Children, Youth, Advent/Christmas, Lent/Easter, Stewardship, Leadership, Worship, and Evangelism.  Many Cokesbury curriculum samples are on display for preview; including Rock Solid, Live Big, PowerXPress, Live It, Claim The Life, BL4Y, Faith In Motion, Thinking Theologically, Adult Bible Studies, Journey Through The Bible, and more.  A variety of catalogs and other brochures are also available. You may request a printed Resource Center catalog or subject listings.

Where is it Located?

The Resource Center is located at the Upper NY Annual Conference Endicott Office, 1700 Monroe Street, Endicott, NY 13760.  The phone number is 607-757-0608 or 800-799-9664 for long distance.

Who Can Help You, and How Do You Order Materials?

Diane Alexander, Resource Center Coordinator, is available Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm.  Please call the Endicott Office before coming to the Resource Center to assure that she will be available to assist you.  The Resource Center is opened Monday through Friday for browsing, to return items and to pick-up reserved resources. 

You may borrow resources in person, by mail, by telephone, or by sending an e-mail message to [email protected].

Please reserve your resources as far in advance as possible.  There is often a waiting list for popular titles.  Fall, Advent, and Lent are times when demand is high. Confirmation resources should also be reserved well in advance of the dates needed.

When you sign out resources to preview please be conscientious of the time frame that you have signed out the resources for.  1-2 weeks is given for previewing, depending on the number of resources that are signed out and if it has to be mailed. 

When you sign out a study for a certain length of time, 2 weeks is added on to make sure you have ample time to complete the study and return it.  If you find you need more time, please contact the Resource Center for an extension.  Single session studies should be returned after use.

It is important to remember that the Resource Center serves many churches and resources should be returned promptly after previewing or using, so that other churches may also benefit from them.

What is the Cost? 

There are no membership fees or borrowing fees for churches of the United Methodist Church.  The cost is paid by your local church's payment of its Conference Benevolence portion of its Ministry Share.  Resources may be picked up at the Endicott Office or mailed to distant churches.  Your only cost is returning the resources to the Endicott Office.  However, if a resource is lost, the church or person borrowing the resource may be billed for the replacement cost.  Resources should be returned in person or placed in the mail the day after their scheduled use.  

Please take care to rewind videotapes and keep VHS tapes and DVDs safe from extremes in temperature. Also, if videos are returned in the mail, please secure them in a padded envelope or box.

What Are the Copyright Guidelines?

Public Performance Rights

The Resource Center loans videotapes and DVDs which have public performance rights.  Churches in the UNY Conference do not need a video license to show them in a church setting.  Churches that buy or rent videos labeled "For Home Use Only," should purchase a video license.  The Resource Center now also carries some videos for family movie night, which do not have PPR.  To sign these out your local church will need a video license.  For information on obtaining a CVLI License log on to www.cvli.org or call 1-888-771-2854.

Care should be given so a video program does not become a theatrical event.  Churches need to avoid admission charges and other commercial features.  It is against copyright laws to show videos that have been recorded from television or copied from other videos.

Curriculum and Books:

Curriculum is protected by copyright laws.  All books are copyrighted.  Unless pages state that they are reproducible, permission to photocopy must be obtained.  Always follow the copyright guidelines printed in each resource.

Rights and Permission Office:

One time permission to copy from UM Publishing materials, in whole or in part, may be sought by contacting the Permission Office, 201 Eighth Ave., South,  P.O Box 801, Nashville, TN 37202-0801

Send a letter to the Permission Office and include the title and author, pages you wish to copy, how many copies, and how you will be using the materials.  It usually takes two weeks for a response.

Music Copyright:

To copy songs, churches need to purchase a Church Copyright License.  For information contact Christian Copright Licensing, Inc. (CCLI) at 1-800-234-2446 or log on to www.ccli.com.  

The United Methodist Hymnal gives careful guidelines for copying hymns. Information is found in the front of the hymnal.


You can view and search the entire Resource Center collection right here. View the catalog  You may type in the title, if you know the name, or search by author, subject and media type.