About Us

While our name often brings to mind a different part of the country, the Wyoming Annual Conference connects nearly 300 United Methodist congregations in parts of Northeastern Pennsylvania and the Southern Tier of New York State. More than 62,000 people are members of those congregations, with more than 16,000 of them attending worship services each week.

Our purpose can be found in the vision statement adopted by clergy and lay representatives of those churches. It makes clear that we are "to assist local churches in making disciples for Christ, so as to transform the world." Special emphasis is placed on two Critical Issues selected by those delegates for the 2009-2012 Quadrennium. They are: 

  1. “Step out of the church doors and invite all people of the community to encounter God,” and 
  2. “Encourage the discovery of, and resource the use of, God’s good gifts in service to all.”

Also important to us are a number of Core Values, items that we consider important as we attempt to live out our Vision and address our Critical Issues.

  • We value that we are the body of Christ and must serve others with unqualified compassion.
  • We value the connectional church for its potential to expand our vision of the Church of Jesus Christ and its mission in the world.
  • We value ministry that reaches outward.
  • We value the rich worship life and mission and ministry life of our congregations.
  • We value the sending out of faith-filled, committed, well-trained clergy and laity.
  • We value the diversity of humanity and seek full inclusion of all people in the Church of Jesus Christ.
  • We value spiritual enrichment opportunities (e.g., conference promoted Disciple Bible Study, Emmaus/Chrysalis, Sky Lake and opportunities offered by other traditions).
  • We value seeking a broad consensus in decision making at all levels.
  • We value the mandate given by Jesus Christ to serve the poor and marginalized.

The Wyoming Annual Conference, based in Endicott, NY, is part of the Albany Episcopal Area of The United Methodist Church's Northeastern Jurisdiction. Bishop Susan W. Hassinger serves as the episcopal leader of our conference as well as the Troy Annual Conference, based in Saratoga Springs, NY. Troy covers much of Northeastern New York and nearly all of Vermont.

The Wyoming Annual Conference is one of the older existing regional bodies in the denomination. Its first session was held in Carbondale, PA, in 1852. Concern for individuals at both ends of life resulted in the formation of two notable related organizations, the Children's Home of Wyoming Conference, and United Methodist Homes. We are also affiliated with Wyoming Seminary, one of the oldest continuously coeducational day and boarding schools in the United States.

To learn more about us, please feel free to roam our website. If you need information you cannot find, do not hesitate to contact us.