Resources for Black History Month

February is Black History Month, a four week celebration of African American history. The UNY Conference (Endicott Office)  Resource Center has a number of video programs that promote understanding of the historical events. 

American Civil Rights Movement: A Time for Justice: The program reveals the heroism of individuals who risked their lives for the cause of freedom and equality. Tells the stories of the bus boycott, lunch counter sit-ins, voting rights marches, and the sacrifices made. Youth/Adults. 38 minutes. VHS

Black Methodism Legacy of Faith Revival:  A special anniversary DVD to help United Methodists celebrate the 40th anniversary of several related and pivitol events in the life and history of our denomination.  31 minutes.

Briars in the Cottonpatch: Andrew Young narrates a documentary about Koinonia Farm and its struggle for racial integration. It is a story of blacks and whites who withstood bullets, bombs and boycotts in the years leading up to the Civil Rights era. 57 minutes. Youth/Adults. DVD.

Free Indeed: The video drama challenges white viewers to think about the privileges that come with being white in North America. Four white, middle-class young adults play a card game as a pre-requisite for doing a service project for a black church. The game leads to a discussion about white-privilege. 39 minutes. Older youth and adults. VHS.

A Force More Powerful: A six-part program on how non-violent power overcame oppression and authoritarian rule. Episode One, "Nashville: We Were Warriors," focuses on the 1960s when Gandhi's nonviolent weapons were taken up by black college students in Nashville, TN. Disciplined and strictly nonviolent, they successfully desegregated Nashville's downtown lunch counters in five months, becoming a model for the entire civil rights movement. 30 minutes. Youth/Adults. VHS.

I Sit Where I Want: The legacy of "Brown v. Board of Education." Students in an integrated school in Buffalo, NY challenge their segregated lunch room, 50 years after the landmark decision. 53 minutes. Youth/Adults. DVD.

Landmarks of Faith: The Heritage of African-American Worship: From Boston's African Meeting House (1804) to Birmingham and Montgomery in the 1960s, we are given a glimpse of the dramatic story of the African-American church in America. 46 minutes. Youth/Adults. VHS

Mighty Times: Legacy of Rosa Parks: On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks sparked a revolution by sitting still in a simple act of defiance against racial segregation on city buses in Montgomery Alabama. Youth/Adults. 40 minutes. VHS.

Place at the Table: Struggle for Equality in America: Looks at the struggles for equality in America through the eyes of today's youth. Ages 13 and up. 40 minutes. VHS.

Race: The Power of Illusion: Challenges one of our most fundamental beliefs: that human beings come divided into a few distinct groups. The three-part series is an eye-opening tale of how what we assume to be normal, is actually shaped by our history, social institutions and cultural beliefs. 1. Race - The Differences Between Us - The programs follows a dozen students, including black athletes and Asian American string players who sequence and compare their own DNA. They discover their closest genetic matches are likely to be with people of other races. 2. Race - The Story We Tell - The program traces the race concept to the European conquest of the Americas, including the development of the first slave system where all slaves shared a physical trait - dark skin. 3. Race - The House We Live In - Asks the question, "Who is White?" After World War II, whiteness increasingly meant owning a home in the suburbs aided by discriminatory federal policies. Each program is 56 minutes. Older Youth/Adults. VHS.

Safe Harbors: Story of the underground railroad in Western , Pennsylvania that helped slaves escape into Canada, through the efforts of free black communities and middle class white society. Youth/Adults. 56 minutes. VHS.

Shadow of Hate: A history of intolerance in America. The documentary spans three centuries of an ongoing struggle to live up to the ideals of liberty and equality for all. Youth/Adults. 40 minutes. VHS.

Steps Toward Wholeness: Looks at the history of racism within the United Methodist Church. It also shows the acts of repentance and forgiveness that took place at the 2000 UM General Conference. 8 minutes. VHS.

Supporting Leadership for Life: Highlights the 11 historically Black Colleges related to the United Methodist Church and supported through the Black College Fund. 8 minutes. VHS.

Women of Color Scholars Program: In 1988, the Black Clergywomen Caucus of the UMC met to bring to light some of the concerns involving black women and the Church. One of the issues was the lack of women of color on faculty at UM seminaries and theological schools. The work that followed helped create a scholarship program like none other - the Women of Color Scholars Program that is changing how universities, seminaries and pulpits of the UMC look. Adults. 39 minutes. DVD.