2010 Ministry Plan Forms

The 2010 Ministry Planning process begins anew. This year the process will be similar to the past three years. Ministries will be prioritized A, B, and C. As in the past, understand that only funding in Column A is guaranteed, and every request must justify its inclusion in the Ministry Plan; measure impact; and relate to the 2009-2012 critical issues approved at Annual Conference:

  1. Empower all persons to be involved and committed disciples by discovering and utilizing their gifts to meet the needs of others.
  2. Step out and welcome persons of all ages, especially families with young children. 

There is another important change this year. Despite our pending boundary changes, there is much ministry to be done! Further, we have recommended that CF&A consider paying our apportionments to the General Church at a 90% level (it has been 80% or less in the recent past). This would seem completely counter-intuitive, unless you see the reason. “First Fruits” is literally what the phrase implies- we give God our best “off the top,” not what is “left over.” If we are going to encourage our Churches to think and act this way with their contributions to the Conference, surely we must lead by example. 

There is a fairly obvious risk: unless our revenue increases, money available for local ministries will decrease. If nothing else has changed, this would not appear to make sense. Based on the General Conference this spring, our sense is that things are changing. The new Critical Issues have inspired us to take this tack to more strongly align our ministries with those of our denomination:

  • Combating the diseases of poverty by improving health globally. A major thrust for our denomination is working with the Gates Foundation and the National Basketball Association in the “Nothing But Nets” campaign, just one example of the many ways our world-wide churches join forces to live-out Christ's ministry of healing. We have the knowledge to destroy malaria's deadly influence around the world, and by working together we can make it happen.
  • Creating new places for new people and revitalizing existing congregations. Conferences that are showing membership gains are the ones planting new churches to minister to the changing demographics of their areas. The adage “creating new places for new people” will be our rallying cry over the next four years. General Church dollars will be committed to train pastors in church planting, and provide funds for new church starts around the globe.
  • Developing principled Christian leaders for the church and the world. The General Church is committed to providing money and training opportunities to call and equip pastors and conference leaders across the denomination to lead churches and ministries in “Making disciples of Jesus Christ” more effectively. A key focus is recruiting young people to ministry! A large portion of our world service benevolences will go toward meeting this goal. 
  • Engaging in ministry with the poor. One of the sad realities, even in our own country, is that the rich of our world are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. United Methodists agree that Christ calls us to meet the needs of the poor, and change the systems that contribute to their suffering. Our own Conference is very involved in ministry with the people of Haiti... the poorest nation in our hemisphere. United Methodists around the world share this sense of call to reduce poverty.    

What could happen if ALL of us got onto the same page in these four areas? Only God knows! Please say you want to partner to make these goals become realities.

The form you will need to prepare your 2010 request for the group you represent is available here in either Word or WordPerfect format. Please click on the one you need.

If you are no longer the contact, please inform Nancy Conklin ([email protected]) at the Conference Office who the new contact person is so our list can be updated. Let Nancy know if you are forwarding this information to the new contact person or if she will need to do it.

Please plan to have your request for Ministry Shares on the agenda at your next meeting. This year’s process calendar is as follows:

  • December 1, 2009 Deadline for all requests to Conference Treasurer, Don Schmitt by email: [email protected]g or US mail: Wyoming Annual Conference, P.O. Box 58, Endicott NY 13760.
  • December 1, 2008 to February 15 2009, Ministry Tables review and prioritize requests. All Ministry Tables will have their materials to the Conference Office by February 15 for preparation of the draft Ministry Plan.
  • February 23, 2009 Common Table reviews the proposed Ministry Plan in consideration of critical issues.
  • March 9, 2009 Draft plan presented to CFA by Ministry Table Hosts
  • April, 2009 Plan prepared for pre-conference mailing.

If you have any concerns about submitting your request on time, contact the your Ministry Table Host before the deadline. Contact Mark Marino, Director of Connectional Ministries with any questions.