Creative Worship Workshops Offered



Over the past year or so, many people have asked about the possibility of a workshop to learn about the use of graphics and other newer technology in worship. Here is an opportunity at a fairly low cost for those wanting to create vibrant and media-enhanced worship.
March 5 & 6 a team from Midnight Oil Productions, a leader in providing graphics, video clips and presentation software, will offer two Creative Worship workshops in Liverpool, NY. Participants can choose to attend either one day session for $49 per person or both days for $79 per person.
Friday’s session is “Creative Worship: Culture Art Team Technology.” Learn how to work in teams to utilize culture, art and technology for the sake of connecting people to God in worship. This newly redesigned seminar explores going beyond PowerPoint and screens to understanding how screens and other forms of media come together to create powerful God experiences. It invites you to come explore what happens next with our latest thinking on culture, art, teams and technology.
The Saturday seminar is called “Design Matters: How to Create Powerful Imagery for Worship.” This next-level seminar takes a closer look at creating powerful media for worship with a in-depth and hands-on examination of principles for design, ways to utilize media in worship, tools of the trade, and much more. It’s a hands-on workshop that will take your media savvy to an entirely different level as you sit with the Midnight Oil guys and learn how to create powerful media for worship. If you’ve been to big events before and left underwhelmed by the lack of usable information, then this highly practical day is for you. Design Matters is a mix of fresh ideas, techniques, websites, and more, that you can learn, take home and use right away. Participants are invited to bring a laptop equipped with Adobe Photoshop or Elements and be guided with step-by-step live tutorials for implementing techniques discussed.
The leaders of these events are Len Wilson and Jason Moore of Midnight Oil Productions. Len Wilson has spoken to thousands of church leaders since 1996 on harnessing digital media for ministry. He has authored and co-authored many books on media and worship including Taking Flight with Creativity: Worship Design Teams That Work (2009),¬?The Wired Church 2.0 (2008), Design Matters: Creating Powerful Imagery for Worship (2006), Digital Storytellers: The Art of Communicating the Gospel in Worship (2002) and The Wired Church: Making Media Ministry (1999). An award winning digital artist, Jason Moore continues to establish new styles for visual imagery in worship that he hopes will help the church reach the culture we live in. Known for his pioneering work in digital images for worship, he has devoted the last six years to developing professional, highly emotive graphics, animation and video that are being emulated in churches throughout the country.
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